Fang and Claw, Crown and Bell

Chapter 1: The Gathering Storm
Session 1: 19th Olarune 998YK

The Tain Gala

  • M45K is hired to infiltrate the monthly Tain Gala, a soiree hosted by the prestigious ir’Tain family in Skyhold, where The Sixty Families rub elbows. He was assigned to watch Ilyra Boramar, known to be a ranking member of the Boramar crime family. He eavesdrops, finds Boramar shmoozing with councillor Ironhand, who normally has no taste for underhanded deals.
    *M45K uses psychic powers to create a distraction. In doing so he attracted the attention of another psychic partygoer who remained anonymous. The extend to which the rival telepath was able to extract information from M45K remains unknown.
  • Rakari ir’Turha had been asked by Prince Oargev to attend and attempt to gauge any potential goodwill toward Cyre. Sorik Sensos agreed to speak to people in Middle Central about giving some employment opportunities to Cyran refugees… once he’s bribed with a 300gp bottle of Elven wine, Aldalómë (tree-shadow, made in Aerenal from grapes grown under the shade of immortal oaks within the Manifest Zone to Irian
  • Lyrandar heirs start acting nervous as unexpected storms roll in.
  • When dragons began fighting in the skies, everyone justifiably panics.
  • Rakari leaves, hires a skycoach. Pilot gets knocked out of the coach when debris hits. Rakari gets to the lower wards by a combination of lucky piloting and a Legolas-surfing-the-olyphant impression. He meets up with Din and Nalehi on an exterior stair, fleeing to Din’s workshop in the Cogs.
  • M45K slipped away while impersonating Hass ir’Tain, and on his way out saw that a red dragon had been impaled on the top spire of Tain Tower. He found his way safely to the Cogs.

The Day of Glory

  • In a tradition that started last year, Cyrans gather and celebrate their victories both personally and as a people.
  • There were several gatherings in Highwalls. Din and Nalehi are at the Portly Pidgin, near the New Moon Company and Carnaby and Tok’s Wondrous Emporium.
  • One of the locals notices City Watch presence on the street. Guards in Highwall? That’s unusual. Ends up they were told to patrol in case something goes down, but they’re not sure what they’re supposed to be looking for.
  • Brelish punks, masked, started throwing bricks, paving stones… and molotovs… into the Pidgin. The building started burning. Din rescued the inhabitants, while Nalehi caught one of the punks.
  • Din and Nalehi retreated to the New Moon offices. Then fire erupted on the streets as dragon fighting grew more intense.
  • Din and Nalehi escaped to the Cogs, down an exterior staircase. On the way, they saw a red dragon crash into Cravendesh Tower, Menthis Plateau. They also met up with Rakari on the stairs.

The Power of Prophecy

  • Caran Carallastar met Myna in The Bazaar, and asked to have his fortune read.
  • He asked to go outside: “I feel so much more comfortable at this point in my life when I can see open sky above me, even if only the small bit of it afforded by the towers here.”
  • Caran asked what she can see in his past, his future. “Well, if we’re all very fortunate, there will actually be a future for us after tonight.”
  • He pointed out the strange behavior of the animals, the tense quiet of the bazaar. “It’s amazing to me how blinded people allow themselves to become to those subtle, instinctual queues that something is very wrong and something very, very bad is about to happen.”
  • “Now, if you will do me the honor of accompanying me to Warden Towers, I’ll see to it that you’re safe and well-compensated.” Deep, rolling thunder. “But I’d suggest we hurry.”
  • At Warden Towers: “Good evening. This young woman is turning me in for her reward. My name is Caran Carallastar. And I suggest you place me in an antimagic cell immediately before the dragons arrive.” Agents of the Blackened Book enthusiastically took him into custody.
  • Myna collected a 500gp reward. She stayed around, catching glimpses of dragon-fighting.

Getting together

  • Once all is said and done, the PCs were called to Warden Tower by Carallastar’s bodyman, Grathak.
  • Myna was already at the tower
  • M45K was hiding out in the cogs. Grathak finds him en route, offers employment.
  • Nalehi, Din, Rakari, Ragn, Marius, and the punk hostage are all down in Din’s shop, figuring out their next move and how to deal with the punk. Grathak came by with M45K. Din, Nalehi, and Rakari go with. Ragn dumped the punk’s body in the forge.
  • At the tower, Carallastar introduced himself. “The dragons were not attacking the city. They simply don’t care about the city. They’re hunting for information that could essentially turn all of Khorvaire into another Xen’drik. I propose we find it first.”
  • “Should you be interested in joining me, you will of course be compensated.”
  • The party agreed, each for their own reasons, and were told that Grathak will be in touch. Grathak also paid them a retainer for their troubles, to the tune of 1000gp each.
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