Where were you when Woundrous Cyre fell?

The Last War had ravaged the face of Khorvaire for over a century. Entire generations of mankind passed without knowing peace, as Galifar’s heirs squabbled over birthright and bloodsoaked soil.

Then, on 20 Olarune 994YK, everything changed. In a matter of hours, the nation of Cyre, the Jewel in Galifar’s Crown, was absorbed in a gray miasma that stifled life. Millions died, cities fell, and the land itself was warped into a twisted parody of its former self. This catastrophe did what no amount of reason or diplomacy had been able to for ages: unite the disparate people of Khorvaire in peace.

But peace is never lasting. Four years after the fall of Cyre, several powerful factions seek the secret of the Day of Mourning. Secrets with the power to hold the world for ransom.

They’re likely to find that some secrets are best left buried.

Fang and Claw, Crown and Bell is an Eberron campaign by way of Pathfinder’s mechanics. Our rather unlikely heroes will find themselves pitted against some of Eberron’s most influential players on behalf of an enigmatic patron who wants to ensure that what happened to Cyre can never happen again.

Fang and Claw, Crown and Bell